FAQ before buying

The VM-Cloud service is built in the domestic region of the Microsoft Azure cloud service.In terms of security, it is strictly managed under a 24-hour monitoring system, and it also supports SSL communication, which is an industry standard.

The card payment function uses Pageant's non-transit-token payment service.
Credit card information is not retained.

The VM-Cloud service can be used with the following browsers.

  • Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

There are the following differences for each product series.

Type Initial
Product Line Explanation point
On-premise version
(system introduction)
High/Medium Possible Vanning Master Container / Truck Loading Container loading, truck loading (* Simultaneous calculation of multiple plans is possible, manual loading is possible)
Vanning Master BOX version Choosing the best fit carton for bulk order data
Vanning Master 2-stage loading Supports two-stage loading of pallets (or outer boxes) ⇒ trucks (or containers)
Palette master Patterning how to load single pallets (* with data import function)
Cloud version (service use) None Impossible Experience demo screen (membership registration is not required) It is a web service that you can easily experience without membership registration.
Container / truck loading Simulation of container and truck loading (* One calculation unit is only for 1 plan)
Single item pallet loading Patterning how to load single pallets (* There is no data import function)
Best fit carton WEB API cooperation ( Planned release) Simulation of Best fit carton (* One calculation unit is only for one order)
Mix Pallet Loading ( Planned release) Simulation of mix pallet loading

You can try all the functions during the free trial period.
However, the watermark of "SAMPLE" is displayed on the image and the report.

If you would like to customize, please contact us individually.
The cost will be estimated separately.