Operation Manual - 1.Loading pattern calculation of single item pallet

1. How to calculate the single item Pallet pattern

Explanation Video (How to operate)
How to generate a single item Pallet pattern
Single item pallet~Operation procedure for creating a pattern image
1Log in to VM-Cloud
Enter your user ID and password and click "Login".
2 Select the loading type
Click the "Single Item Palette Simulation".
3 Create a new loading plan
Click "Create a Plan".
4 Specify pallet / item information
STEP1:Select Palette
Specify the palette. The part with a white background can be edited.
STEP2:Register Item
Enter the item information. Information on cargo code, name, dimensions (mm), and weight (kg) is required.
Enter the comment to be printed on the pattern image.It can be omitted. (optional)
Click the "Pattern Calculation" button.The calculation will start.
If you allow the item overhang,
specify the effective area of the palette.
Overhang(L):Allow overhang the pallet
Overhang(W):Reduce the effective area of the pallet
※ Enter the total value for left / right change
5 Display the calculation result and select a pattern
Select the pattern you want to export from "List Of Calculation Results" or "Details Of Calculation Results".
6 Export single item pattern image
After selecting the pattern you want to export, click "Output" .
The comment field is described in the [Notices] item of the pattern image.
Click the "Generate" , and if you like, click the "Download" .
Pattern image sample